Testing is broken to 3 parts

  • Summary: in case there are issue with your logic, inputs or outputs, you are provided with directions toward resolution
  • Configuration: here you need enter credentials for the test account. These will be used to access your inputs, create DynamoDB for storing application state and writing logs to CloudWatch. The account must be created in IAM and have required permissions, like the following:


    Access to Kinesis might be restricted just to the specific instances

  • Test Run: after you press “Start Test”, the system will initialize and report readiness. Then you may send messages to your Kinesis streams using tool on the right side or in any other way. Then these messages will be pulled and processed by Drools Kinesis Analytics. In the case below 2 messages were sent:

    1. Fire with data: {"room":1} (fire-sensors entry point)
    2. CeaseFire with data: {"room":1} (fire-fighters entry point)

    The system will produce the following log: