In order to print to test console perform the following:

// declare the accessor interface, it will be automatically injected
global co.streamx.kie.api.runtime.Console console;

rule "GroupCreate"
    // for every new EventA
    $a: EventA(!seen, $time: eventTime) from entry-point events
    // check there is no group
    not (exists(Group(eventTime == $time)))
    console.log("Got TS: %d", events.getTimestamp($a, "events"));

This is the full Console interface:

public interface Console {

	public void log(String message, Object... args);

	public void info(String message, Object... args);

	public void error(String message, Object... args);
  • log is an alias to info
  • In case args are specified, the message should be a format string.
  • All the messages are sent to CloudWatch, during testing they will be also sent to the Test Console